Which advertising is the most effective?

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These are times when it is more than necessary for your company to be visible. But how do you stand out from the crowd and rise above it?

Which advertising is the most effective?

These are times when it is more than necessary for your company to be visible. But how do you stand out from the crowd and rise above it?

What are the points of attention for my communication?

When you want to communicate, make yourself known or develop your audience, you will seek to advertise and it is legitimate to ask the question "Which advertising is the most effective". There are a considerable number of ways to advertise nowadays (print flyers, advertise in the local newspaper, create your own website, advertise on Facebook or Google...).

Which advertising is the most effective?

There is no ready-made answer to this question. The choice of the type of advertising will depend mainly on the type of activity you are doing, the target audience you are aiming at, and the message you want to convey.

It would be hard to understand why a "zero waste" organic food merchant would make a box in his town on non-recycled paper... Likewise, it would be hard to understand why a local restaurant would advertise on TF1 for its restaurant... and 

LD Media helps you take stock of the strategy you want to pursue for your company. Together, we study the different channels, their budget and their possible financial return.

Choosing your distribution channel is essential, but you must not neglect the coherence of your communication. Each distribution channel (print, Facebook advertising, website...) must be coherent and convey the same message for your company or association. 

This is why we make sure that our message is as relevant as possible to all platforms.


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On what type of media do you advertise?

As we said, the choice of channel for your advertising depends on your business and historical data. If you have already carried out a campaign in your local newspaper for a budget of 1000€ per month but this campaign has only brought you a few clients over the year, perhaps it is better to invest your budget in another type of advertising...?

For some, traditional paper is a good comeback, for others it is not. And conversely, some activities do not benefit from a website or Facebook page.

Since 2012, we have observed important developments in the field of communication. That's why it's important to be dynamic. We accompany our (overwhelmed) clients on a "daily" basis to help them optimise their communication.


In order to best support our customers, we have our own printing machines: 

  • Roland printer for paper up to 150cm wide (in 48h);
  • Sticker design (Labels or large size stickers for van or window display);
  • Printing of PVC tarpaulins up to 150cm wide (in 48 hours);
  • Realization of four-colour flex for textiles;
  • Cutting plotter for marking your textiles;
  • Textile press for marking your T-shirts or caps;
  • Cold/hot laminator for window stickers or stickers for vehicles/vans;
  • Clean servers for hosting your websites.

All our prints are sent free of charge to your address or can be picked up at our workshop in Ath (Chièvres).

Tailor-made web services

In order to be able to adapt to the needs of all our clients, we have also developed an expertise in the implementation of web CMS (WordPress) solutions. These web solutions not only allow the setting up of a site for a reasonable price but also allow the user to take in hand his own website. It can therefore modify its content at any time and thus limit the intervention of third parties.

Web solutions with a rapid return on investment

In 2020, we have also focused on developing our skills in the field of digital communication through intensive training provided by UCLouvain.

New skills focused on digital communication strategy, writing content for websites, managing advertising campaigns on Facebook or Google... 

All these tools, put together end to end, allow us to offer our clients a real communication strategy, analysis of their needs, and the implementation of effective campaigns for a rapid return on investment.


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