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Spécialiste du référencement SEO / SEA

Natural referencing | SEO

During the construction of your website, we make every effort to optimize the performance of your web pages on search engines.

We can also set up a monitoring system for keyword results in search engines.

Together we define a series of keywords relevant to your business and your desired target, and we monitor the results of these keywords in real time. Based on the results, we adapt the keywords or the content of your website.

LD Media | SEO
LD Media | SEA referencing

Paid referencing | SEA

We manage for you the implementation, follow-up and analysis of the results of SEA campaigns.

We analyse your needs and expectations and define together a precise objective.

Content Creation | Writing

In order to optimize your positioning in search engines, it is essential that your website has a minimum of content. 

That's why LD Media helps you write articles or specific content for your website.

We write articles of different sizes according to the needs. A quotation is given before each editorial staff member.

LD Media | WordPress CMS website

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